During visits of Croydon members of the Link to Zimbabwe a number of videos have been prepared to give some idea of what life is like in Zimbabwe. Although somewhat variable in quality, they do capture the many aspects of life in Zimbabwe including worship, life in general and the activities of the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe.


Work and Worship in Zimbabwe an introduction to rural life in Central Zimbabwe. This was produced primarily for use in schools, to show the lifestyle of children growing up without all the material things we so easily take for granted. (Duration 10 mins) -Note that some facts given in this video now out of date.

Tenda Mwari (which in Shona means “Thank God”, or “Give Thanks to God”) sung by the Youth Choir of St Cuthbert’s Cathedral, Gweru. (Duration 5’45”)

St Patrick’s High School including interviews with pupils on their thoughts about the school, and their hopes for the future. (Duration 7’00”)


St Luke’s Kwekwe an extract from an open air service at Kwekwe Hospital.  Many Zimbabwean hymns are based on old British hymns with translated words and new tunes. This is “Loving Shepherd of thy Sheep” as you’ve never heard it before! (Duration 4’30”)

St Hugh’s Primary School, Mazinyo showing that despite being very remote, and having very basic conditions at the school, staff morale is high and teaching standards are good. (Duration 3’20”)

St Mark’s Primary School, Lozane showing the cracks in the classrooms, the non-existant walls and roof, as well as the joyful singing by children who live in a world without television. (Duration 4’45”)

St Martin’s Primary School, Amavenishowing how they manage to teach 22 classes with only 15 classrooms, by “hot seating” and holding classes outside. (Duration 5’00”)

St Patrick’s Primary School, Gambiza including the school’s Culture Hut, where children learn the traditional way of Zimbabwean life in a round house, before that is overtaken by more modern living styles. (Duration 5’00”)

St Andrew’s Mkoba The congregation of St Andrew’s Mkoba have been praying and working on the construction of their new church building since 2005. Worship at this consecration service is led by the Shurugwi Choir. Filmed by Sue McKinney. (Duration 10’00”)