How to financially support the Link

Making Donations to Croydon Zimbabwe Link

All donations to the work of the Central Zimbabwe Diocese through the Link are welcomed with gratitude.

Donations can be made by parishes or individuals.  The donations can be for the following:

    • General funds supporting the work and projects of the Central Diocese of Zimbabwe, through the Budget Support system.
  • Parish Link projects agreed by both the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe and the Croydon Link group.  These funds are ‘earmarked’ and will go directly to the recipients they are targeted to.

Donations are generally in the form of a cheque made out to “Croydon Zimbabwe Link”.  In special circumstances, and by prior agreement, donations can be made by electronic transfer directly into the Croydon Zimbabwe Link bank account.

Please clearly indicate whether the funds are for general support of the work of the Diocese or are ‘earmarked’ funds for specific purposes.  In the case of earmarked funds, please indicate in the covering letter where the funds should go and for what purpose they are being given – then we can make sure they get to the right place!

Donations are sent to the Croydon Zimbabwe Link via the Bishop of Croydon’s PA, Nadina Bedlow

Diocese of Southwark
Croydon Area Mission Team
Croydon Episcopal Area Office
6 St Peter’s Road
Tel: 020 8256 9632

All donations will be acknowledged by the Bishop’s office.

Sending funds to Zimbabwe

All monies sent to Zimbabwe, for both Diocese and Parish projects, are transferred, via a “Foreign Payment”, directly into the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe bank account.  There is a charge for this, currently £20, which the Croydon Link (or Parish Link) pay.

Because of the currency constraints and volatility of the Zimbabwe situation, consultations are held between both sides of the Link before funds are transferred.