Visits between the Links

These are the times when real friendships begin and we start to understand each other and are enriched by discovering our different approaches to life and faith. Along with several personal visits between the two bishops, visits in recent years have included:

  • 2007 Group visit to Zimbabwe of 20 participants led by the Bishop of Croydon
  • 2008 Visit of Elizabeth Mukwanda and Berita Redzo to the UK for the Mothers’ Union International  event in Croydon
  • 2009 Visit of three of the Croydon team to the Central Zimbabwe clergy conference and opening of St Patrick’s mortuary.
  • 2010 Five priests from Central Zimbabwe to UK for a programme of project management training
  • 2011 May: Team of three from Croydon to Zim to set up schools links
    .  .  . 
    July: Team of nine with varied specialist interests to Zim, led by Bishop Christopher
    .  .  . 
    Nov:  Opening of St Andrews new church in Gweru attended by Rev Charles & Janet Bradshaw  and Rev Merv  & Sue McKinney.
  • 2012 Sept: Team of three from Zimbabwe to Croydon to look at specialist areas of education and health.
    .  .  . 
    Nov: Parish visit of six from the Caterham group of churches to their link parish of St Matthews Mtapa
  • 2013 Jan:  Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark, to Central Zimbabwe, travelling with Bishop Christopher and Bishop Michael.
  • 2015 Oct: Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark, to Central Zimbabwe, with a group visit, to the Dedication of St Patrick’s Hospital.
  • 2016 Joint visit to Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  • 2018 March: Working visit of Rev Len Abrams
    .  .  .  June: Visit from Croydon to celebrate the consecration of Bishop Ignatius.