Welcome to the Croydon – Central Zimbabwe Link web site.

We hold the people of Zimbabwe in our prayers at this difficult time after the devastation of flooding caused by the Tropical Cyclone Idai. 20 March 2019

“One Link in two parts”

“It is my sincere belief that true Christian discipleship is premised on the love for one another as we walk this journey of faith. This can be clearly demonstrated through partnerships such as the one that the Episcopal area of Croydon and the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe enjoy for mutual benefit. The trust, confidence and mutual understanding that exist between the two communities of believers is testimony of this. It is my sincere hope that this fellowship and partnership will grow from strength to strength as we endeavour to fulfil one of our Gospel imperatives of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world in our different contexts.”

Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda,
Retired Bishop of
Central Zimbabwe Diocese

“I am delighted that we have developed a true partnership of equals between the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe and the Croydon Episcopal Area. As fellow disciples of Jesus Christ, we are learning together how we may support and encourage each other in our different situations. In Zimbabwe and in England, we have difficulties to face and reasons to rejoice. Our link with each other is one of those reasons for rejoicing, and a means by which we are better equipped to face our challenges.”

Bishop Jonathan Clark,
Croydon Episcopal Area,
Southwark Diocese, UK

This web site is a joint effort between both parts of the Link and will be contributed to by both sides.  The web site is a reflection of the work and ethos of the Link.  It is designed to show people in each place – England and Zimbabwe – what life is like in both places.  The objective is to get to know each other better and to mutually share in our journeys of faith and understanding.

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If you are a parish or an individual in the Croydon Episcopal Area in England or in Central Zimbabwe and you are wanting to establish a parish-to parish link, go to the Parish-2-Parish page for information.

If you are wanting to raise and send funds to Zimbabwe through the Link, go to the Funding Projects & Activities page for information on our procedures.